We are looking to develop long-term relationships with our clients by providing dependable products and services.

Our Mission

Primarily, Our Objective Is To Provide Your Organization the Best Source to Factory Direct with

  • Quality Controlled Products using the highest grade materials with medical-grade certification
  • Prices Vary Daily Due to Multiple Factors but typically
    • the higher the quality the higher the price
    • the higher the quantity the lower the price

Secondly,  Our goal is to Foster Long Term Customer Relationships. To do that we want to trust but verify and to achieve this we have implemented procedures in place for complete transparency and peace of mind.

Trust Us Forget the Rest – Order from the Best.


Procuring Supply

Sourcing Factory Direct Supply from Factories from the U.S. and Canada and Europe as well as  Taiwan, Malaysia, China and Vietnam.

Connecting Buyers

PPE Supply at times can be difficult to attain factory shut downs or shortages due to demand caused by the pandemic and or speculators playing the futures market. Through our connection we solve that problem for buyers.


We can arrange financing for PPE Purchases for $1Million to $10M and up. How much depends on track history and collateral..

Creative Team

To Help Save the Lives of Family, Friends, and Co-workers. We Strive to offer the Best Quality and the Best Services for the Best Price

Gerry Scallion

Gerry Scallion


Bernard H Dalziel

Bernard H Dalziel

Director of Operations

Leslie Maurice Raketti

Leslie Maurice Raketti

Marketing Director

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